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How to Make Sure People Will Click the Resource Box

Posted in article marketing with tags on July 26, 2008 by flowth2k

All kinds of information can be found online. Most people go online to find information on a specific subject. No matter what the topic, the internet will more than likely have information relating to that topic.

Search engine optimization has become very popular and important in the recent years. Many webmasters are turning to articles to generate traffic to their sites. More and more article directories are being created that allow people to submit their articles allowing anyone to read.

Most of the time, these sites offer tons of articles about many different topics. Most articles contain a resource box at the end. The article will more than likely be related to the website linked to. If the article is about video games then the link in the resource box will more than likely lead to a website that is video game related.

A resource box is found at the bottom of almost all articles. The resource box should contain the name of the author, a short bio of the author, and a link to the author’s website. If the reader like what they read then they will be more willing to look for more information about that specific topic. This often results in the reading clicking the author’s link looking for more information about that specific topic.

The resource box should be eye catching to capture the interest of the reader. While the resource box is normally small adding specific keywords will increase the chance of the reading clicking on the link within the resource box.

So what are the benefits of a well written resource box? Resource boxes are mainly used to generate traffic to your website. Many sites allow articles on their websites because they help fill the pages. When people click on the link within the resource box the sponsor site gets traffic that could produce a customer.

So what is good to be included in your resource box? You should include keyword mostly. There are many free tools that allow you to select the correct keywords.

Creativity is extremely important in resource boxes. You should make the most of the small space provided for you resource box. Try to catch the attention of the reader. Using the right content you can make the read think a little.

Always include keywords that are related to your website. Try not to mislead your visitors though. Building your credibility will help. Write your resource box so that it will have a lasting impression on the reader. You only get one chance so give it your best effort.

Don’t underestimate the power of the resource box. Although it is extremely small it can play a major role in generating traffic to your website. Be fun and creative while holding the attention of the reader. Before writing a for a resource box make sure that you understand the importance of a resource box.


Article Marketing – Here is an Insider Shortcut to Getting Massive Floods of Traffic

Posted in article marketing with tags on July 26, 2008 by flowth2k

Are you struggling in article marketing?

Let’s take at the reasons why your articles might not be doing well first:

1. If you’re writing in the Internet marketing niche, it’s a highly competitive niche.

2. Article titles matter, a lot!

3. You are not producing enough. A few articles not going to produce cargo ship loads of traffic, far from it.

Now let’s look at the shortcuts you can take to increase your article marketing traffic:

Promote your articles. This will increase the page views of your articles and if you get enough views, what will happen in many article directories is that your article can appear in the section called something like “Most Viewed Articles ____________ Category”. This little section appears on every article in that category, which gives your article massive exposure. This increases your traffic by tons. It’s a secret trick that only a few know about, and even lesser use it to increase their traffic.

Here are some easy ways to promote your articles to increase page views:

1. Send the article link to your mailing list if you have one

2. Promote your article link on Yahoo! Answers

3. Post a reply that has your article link on forums in related threads

4. Bookmark your articles at social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon

5. Funnel traffic from social networking sites to your articles whenever they are published

6. Post the article links on your blog

Those are just some methods to promoting your articles.

Try this. It works in generating a massive flood of traffic.

5 Steps to Making Obscene Profits From Article Marketing Using This Simple Formula

Posted in article marketing with tags on July 26, 2008 by flowth2k

Websites need traffic and without traffic, even the greatest web site will not yield any revenue. Article marketing stands out as an easy tool to generate this much needed traffic to your website. When you follow the steps defined below, your success in article marketing will be closer to the zenith.

1. Give top-notch content

To make your article neat and presentable, always spell check your work before saving the text. Spelling errors may be trivial, but enough to drive your visitor away. Article marketing needs pristine content.

2. Proof read your work

Proof read your work not once, but twice at least. There can be errors of construction or issues of reading ease, which no software can identify for you. Reading aloud is an ideal way of proof reading.

3. Make an abstract

Prepare an abstract of your article with about five sentences. People, who are hard pressed for time to read the article, will read the summary and move on to the article if they find the summary engaging.

4. Use appropriate keywords

It is the keywords that will help the visitor to see your article. Do a thorough research to find the right keyword for your article and place it appropriately across the text.

5. Resource box

Make sure that the resource box has a strong call for action. Raise question whether the reader can help himself with more information on the topic. Think of providing a link to your landing page or a free e-book. Understand that the resource box is the core of your article marketing exercise.

Article Marketing – 4 Smart Ways to Turn Your Articles Into Traffic Generation Machines!

Posted in article marketing with tags on July 26, 2008 by flowth2k

Want to make explosive profits from articles?

Most article marketers don’t make full use of their articles; they submit them to the article directories and leave them to be on their own devices. Don’t do this!

Here are 4 smart ways you can take action on and turn your articles into traffic generation machines:

1. Create A Viral Ebook

Viral marketing can literally explode your traffic if you have a really hot viral element that gets passed around quickly. You can create a quality ebook with cutting edge information and give it away for free on squeeze pages, blogs etc. Just grab 5-10 of your articles that are related and voila! You have an instant ebook. Give your readers giveaway rights to the ebook, so they will pass it on to more people.

2. Make A Video Out Of Your Articles

Use Windows Movie Maker or Camtasia to record a Powerpoint presentation of your article/s. Upload your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites and reap the free traffic!

3. Submit Your Articles To Your Blog

Don’t have content for your blog? Submit your articles to it! No, this won’t affect your search engine rankings. Google will usually take just one version of your article and the rest will fall under supplemental results. So leverage your content by publishing it on your blog.

4. Email Your List About Your Content

This is a great way to build a relationship with your subscribers. It keeps them satiated with quality content that will keep them subscribed to your list longer!

Article Marketing Success – 5 Surefire Tips to Turn Your Computer Into a Digital ATM

Posted in article marketing with tags on July 26, 2008 by flowth2k

Article Marketing stands out as the quickest, cheapest and easiest means of achieving enhanced traffic to your website. You will find below 5 sure fire tips to succeed in Article Marketing.

1. Posting at Discussion forums and Boards

Discussion boards and forums are the favorite hunting ground for internet marketers and article marketers. Posting short snippets to these forums at regular intervals can be of immense help. Remember to add a link to your web site alongside your signature line.

2. Create an E-book from your articles

As an article marketer, you have written several articles. Now put them together into an E-book and distribute it to your list with permission to circulate it. An easy route to viral marketing.

3. Add variety to what you write

Instead of writing several articles on select topics, spread the net wider. People are looking for information on writing titles, format, submission to multiple directories etc. Provide these bits of information to increase your own reach in Article Marketing.

4. Request friends to proof read

This is a great tool. When your friends or relatives do the proof reading, if they find that you have created something useful and informative, they will spread the word and that will be tonic for you, to succeed in Article Marketing.

5. Leave a lot of white space in between

Leaving lot of white space between the paragraphs, or using bullets or numbers to divide your article is a great idea since it makes reading far more easy.

Take action now and see rapid success with your articles.