5 Steps to Making Obscene Profits From Article Marketing Using This Simple Formula

Websites need traffic and without traffic, even the greatest web site will not yield any revenue. Article marketing stands out as an easy tool to generate this much needed traffic to your website. When you follow the steps defined below, your success in article marketing will be closer to the zenith.

1. Give top-notch content

To make your article neat and presentable, always spell check your work before saving the text. Spelling errors may be trivial, but enough to drive your visitor away. Article marketing needs pristine content.

2. Proof read your work

Proof read your work not once, but twice at least. There can be errors of construction or issues of reading ease, which no software can identify for you. Reading aloud is an ideal way of proof reading.

3. Make an abstract

Prepare an abstract of your article with about five sentences. People, who are hard pressed for time to read the article, will read the summary and move on to the article if they find the summary engaging.

4. Use appropriate keywords

It is the keywords that will help the visitor to see your article. Do a thorough research to find the right keyword for your article and place it appropriately across the text.

5. Resource box

Make sure that the resource box has a strong call for action. Raise question whether the reader can help himself with more information on the topic. Think of providing a link to your landing page or a free e-book. Understand that the resource box is the core of your article marketing exercise.


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