Article Marketing Software – Instant Article Wizard Pro

Article Marketing Software

Article Marketing Software

Instant Article Wizard is the latest software program from Jonathan Leger whose previous offerings include Adsense Gold and Translation Gold. It is a standalone program that you install and run on your own computer. Along with the program comes a 6 page user manual whose size may give you some indication of just how easy this article writer is to use.

Unlike many other programs that claim to create original articles but are in fact just glorified article spinners or simply replace synonyms, this article writing program is different. With this program you really can create original articles without doing much yourself. Within a couple of minutes of installing the program I had already created the basis for a new article on a topic I knew nothing about. Ten minutes later I had a very readable article ready to add to a website or submit to an article directory.

So what exactly does it do?

The program consists of a user interface containing 8 tabbed screens that you work through progressively to create an article. The first screen is where you enter your main topic keywords. The program will then suggest sub topics from which you can select up to 3 to use in your article. You can also use any sub topic you may think of yourself. Proceeding to the second screen cause the program to go off searching the Internet for relevant content where it scrapes sentences from other ranking websites.

The next 5 screens allow you to create the main sections of your article, including an introduction, 3 sub topics and a conclusion. Each section can contain as many paragraphs as you wish. Paragraphs are created by selecting from the sentences that Instant Article Wizard has found. Selecting 4 to 5 appropriate sentences on each screen produces an article of around 400 words. Once selected you have the option of moving sentences around to improve the flow.

On the final screen the program constructs your new article by adding all the components together. You can then copy and paste it to a text editor and make any final alterations so that the article is grammatically correct and reads well. Most articles will require some editing depending upon the sentences you selected and the order in which they were placed. However, the editing required is generally obvious and should be well within the capabilities of almost everyone.

This is a very clever article writing program that produces usable articles both quickly and easily. It gives you the capability of writing on any topic without any research. Whilst you could copy the approach that this software uses manually by visiting web sites and collecting sentences, you could not do it so quickly and effectively. If you want to produce unique usable content but find it a struggle to get started when writing articles then this program is for you. With Instant Article Wizard you could produce all the content for a large niche website in record time. I think the program is great and strongly recommend it to you.

Article Marketing Software

Article Marketing Software


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