Article Marketing – Here is an Insider Shortcut to Getting Massive Floods of Traffic

Are you struggling in article marketing?

Let’s take at the reasons why your articles might not be doing well first:

1. If you’re writing in the Internet marketing niche, it’s a highly competitive niche.

2. Article titles matter, a lot!

3. You are not producing enough. A few articles not going to produce cargo ship loads of traffic, far from it.

Now let’s look at the shortcuts you can take to increase your article marketing traffic:

Promote your articles. This will increase the page views of your articles and if you get enough views, what will happen in many article directories is that your article can appear in the section called something like “Most Viewed Articles ____________ Category”. This little section appears on every article in that category, which gives your article massive exposure. This increases your traffic by tons. It’s a secret trick that only a few know about, and even lesser use it to increase their traffic.

Here are some easy ways to promote your articles to increase page views:

1. Send the article link to your mailing list if you have one

2. Promote your article link on Yahoo! Answers

3. Post a reply that has your article link on forums in related threads

4. Bookmark your articles at social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon

5. Funnel traffic from social networking sites to your articles whenever they are published

6. Post the article links on your blog

Those are just some methods to promoting your articles.

Try this. It works in generating a massive flood of traffic.


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