Article Marketing – 4 Smart Ways to Turn Your Articles Into Traffic Generation Machines!

Want to make explosive profits from articles?

Most article marketers don’t make full use of their articles; they submit them to the article directories and leave them to be on their own devices. Don’t do this!

Here are 4 smart ways you can take action on and turn your articles into traffic generation machines:

1. Create A Viral Ebook

Viral marketing can literally explode your traffic if you have a really hot viral element that gets passed around quickly. You can create a quality ebook with cutting edge information and give it away for free on squeeze pages, blogs etc. Just grab 5-10 of your articles that are related and voila! You have an instant ebook. Give your readers giveaway rights to the ebook, so they will pass it on to more people.

2. Make A Video Out Of Your Articles

Use Windows Movie Maker or Camtasia to record a Powerpoint presentation of your article/s. Upload your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites and reap the free traffic!

3. Submit Your Articles To Your Blog

Don’t have content for your blog? Submit your articles to it! No, this won’t affect your search engine rankings. Google will usually take just one version of your article and the rest will fall under supplemental results. So leverage your content by publishing it on your blog.

4. Email Your List About Your Content

This is a great way to build a relationship with your subscribers. It keeps them satiated with quality content that will keep them subscribed to your list longer!


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